Women BreakfastWe all need to get off to a good start each day.

So we can tweak our  usual bowl of cereal to give us a health punch. I set out looking for affordable ways to add value to my usual Rolled Oak breakfast and it was not too difficult to find some ideas that I now add to my breakfast each day before I go to work.

Eating healthier becomes easy when you have some good tips up your sleeve especially foods that don’t break the budget and are quick to incorporate. While many may go for the vitamin tablets and  grab something fast at the bakery I prefer to just try and eat food that is going to help give benefits and  vitamins.

Off course there is so much good value food out there you may easily come up with a list of your own.But here are the foods I find to have  great benefits and are cheap and easy to get.

5 Ideas To  Increase Health Value With Your Breakfast Cereal.

  • Pumpkin Seeds- Add about a  spoonful  of  these to crunch on. Affordable and add a healthy punch with Magnesium , Zinc, Omega 3 -Fats, Anti – Inflammatory to name a few. A great additive especially for Women’s Health.
  • Coconut Milk- An easy way to add extra nutritional value to breakfast is to replace milk with coconut milk. You will add Vitamins C,E, B1,3,5,6. Iron, Magnesium, Fibre, Iron to your diet. Coconut milk also is a source of Calcium and is Lactose free. I have been buying one can of Coconut milk a week which lasts me the week.so it is not expensive however some say you should not buy coconut  milk in the can because of the dangers of BPA, a chemical used in making the can. You could look for cans that are BPA free or go for a carton purchase. Coconut can also help with weight loss so if you are trying to put weight on maybe go for another option.
  • Yoghurt- Again instead of milk or as an alternative to the above. Natural  no sugar yoghurt is excellent. The Probiotics has to be a good idea daily and then you get Protein, Magnesium  Calcium, B2 and B12 and Potassium. I go for Organic natural plain yoghurt which does not have the sweet, fruity taste of flavoured yoghurts but my next idea on the list works in well with it.
  • Fruit- You may have guessed this, why would you not add fruit. Has to be good. I go for fruits available that are in season and a good price at the shop. Love pineapple, apples and berries.Goodness In Food
  • Nuts- A couple of chopped up Brazil nuts. Almonds or nuts of choice.  Nuts offer a variety of goodness with  anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and many from the B groups.Selenium and other minerals include copper,magnesium and more. Got to be a great budget friendly additive to start the day.


Other Healthy Foods You Could  Add

Seeds- Flax seed, Sesame Seeds, Linseed. Sunflower Seeds.

Dried Fruit- Cranberries, Apricots, Sultanas etc.

Getting the day off to a good start is the aim. You often hear that eating Brazil Nuts or Berries along with other foods included here are foods you should eat  daily. Start breakfast with them and you are off to a good start. Ready for the day ahead.



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