Good news.. You can Improve your garden even with limited income.

Here are free ways to try to  turn you garden from dull unhappy plants to luscious and healthy and it is not too difficult to do.

The aim is to put some of natures good stuff into your garden and soil to increase health and nutrients so you can sit back and admire the rewards.

When a garden is healthy the plants are much better at fighting off bugs and disease and so they can put all their energy into growing and producing. A winner for you and for your plants

Getting Started here are

5 Savvy ways to improve your garden for free.

  • Seaweed/ Sea grass  Perhaps starting with a popular and highly  valued way to treat your garden. You need to be near the beach for  this one but if you are lucky you. Just Gather the seaweed that has been left high and dry on the beach and either soak it in a bucket with water and use the juice in your watering can watered down or wash and cut the weed up and sprinkle it around your plants. Also great in the compost.
  • Coffee Grounds Don’t bin these. Add value to the compost or mix a good handful in with the ready compost and mulch for a garden boost. Ask at the local coffee shop if you don’t have  these at home they are often happy to past them on. Using organic is best
  • Collecting leaves Use fallen leaves from your garden or collect fallen leaves from drains or while walking in the park. Useful to make up with other organic matter into a mulch before summer hits. Make sure you shred them up before you add to the soil. I also sock them in a bucket with some water and mix them round plants after it has rained to create a good moisture layer.
  • Composting Not only a good way to use up clippings , cuttings and vege scrapes but great for the garden.
  • Animal Manure Chickens, sheep, horses if you or your friends and  or family keep animals you may have a good rich organic resource at you fingertips.

So if your plants are looking sad they may just need a soil boost .

All of the above   will add value and improve your garden soil and make your plants happier. And all at no cost.

Another Savvy Garden Tip Become an expert at striking cuttings and you can create your garden with out having to purchase new plants. It will take patience and time however.  Many plants also can be lifted and divided another great way of expending a garden.

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