5 Ideas For Capturing Memories

Capturing Memories
Capturing Memories

Capture Time and Hold On To Special Moments


Even when you get caught up in the fast pace of living and the days and years appear to accelerate you can turn around one day and be pleased that you have found a way to hold onto those special times. We all take tons of photos and in the past these photos would end up in a box or bag in the closet and maybe come out from time to time or be re found during a spring clean. The plastic sleeve albums would suffer from damp and mould and become sticky and musty pages are all that you have left. As time slips past and the kids leave home one by one you may find yourself wondering what do you have to keep the past in the future. Well there are things that you can do to keep some of the memories in the day so you can have them to enjoy for ever.

Here are 5 ideas to hold on to and  treasure the past.

  1. Dress Up Black and White Photography this is my favourite Because this way you can enjoy those memories  by keeping your captured past  on your living wall to look at every day. This works really well when the kids are still quite young. You need some old fashioned clothes for this one. Old hats, braces , shawls what ever it takes to produce a cool old fashioned photo. The family pet will also look great in this one.
  2. A Time Box When your kids get tired of a toy, book, first painting or writing from school, certificates, event tickets or any small item that holds a special place, don’t throw them out but keep them in a box for a later date. You will find  it is fun one day to look over them and you will be glad you kept them.
  3. Photo Books I love these.Beautiful glossy pages and your photos are part of the book. A great way to keep those special memories alive. Holidays, sports, family gatherings. Books are so easy to keep on hand and to  have on the coffee table or book shelf and they are nice to sit , share and look through from time to time. An easy way to enjoy photos.

  4. Video Stands to reason. Video every special event and you will have them forever. Although this idea also has the power to bring tears to your eyes  especially when a family or friend has passed on. They can become emotional and  be hard to watch.
  5. Picture Key Rings, Magnets, Placemats There are material ways you can incorporate memories into material things by adding photos of events, holidays , friends and family to keep them with you each and every day.


Other Ideas


There are other things you can do to keep memories alive. Hold onto you child’s first ever shoes or special baby outfit. You can keep a photo of each year at school and display them on the wall which shows you the change each year as they grow. You could get really creative and take some awesome photography let your imagination rule. This is good with pets also.

Remember the day may come when you wish you had keep some things from the past because you either cherished them or because you have never forgotten them. That is where the memory box is great because even when you think they are out dated or you have grown past them , one day you will be glad that you put them aside and kept them.

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